The Culcer Domain is a full rentable area spanning 25,000 square meters.

The Culcer family, your hosts, have built around the mansion belonging to the family elders since 1935,
an ideal place for leisure throughout the year.

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years of history

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Behind Every door you find a different spirit!

To enter you in the mood full of culture and history of this love, the rooms named after Those Who Were sometime enliven the like. Culcer house has rooms with "perfume of ancient times" THEY personify the ancient faces in the fine Overall. Culcer House offers accommodation for whole year for holidays, vacations, and Also for business meetings, conferences and trainings. As soon as you walk in the house Culver's porch, you open the book Which does not like to be closed and dusty, thrown in a corner of an old chest. Although newly built, on STI front, under the light of sunsets has reflected allegorically "wrinkled faces" of the old mansion walls. The ideal combination of wood with stone, ceramic pavements bring the glow of the natural environment, like an artist's brush portrayed of year suspended pencil in time. At the house building bu Used Culcer year advanced degree of Finishes, focusing on detail, taking into account the time, comfort and relaxation, it Necessary to our Guests. We spoil you with tranquility and ambience. Culcer house is built on two levels and has 6 rooms as Follows: 3 double rooms with double bed and three suites with bedroom and living room. The chromatic and inspires the design of the rooms to meditation, with soft colors, strident elements Without That May distract us. The rooms are very spacious, with comfortable beds, is equipped with LCD TVs and wireless internet. Bathrooms have large, bright, appropriately equipped.

On the ground floor we find a large living room with large windows, Providing a dreamlike view. It is equipped with expandable sofa, armchair, table and 4 chairs (expandable), LCD TV. You Can Also find here the Culcer's family tree That discreetly as the flagship seals the love full of history. In addition, the living room has a snug designed specifically to dine, the space is equipped with a table with six chairs (8 chairs When expandable). Also on the ground floor There's a bathroom (toilet and sink) available to all Guests of the house. At nights with starry sky, you-can contemplate immersed in soft sofas Placed on the terrace of the house. Retractable roof terrace is perfect When You Want To listen to the sound of rain at sheltered veranda. Also, we offer 4 parking spaces, free inside the yard.


Whether you visit our design hotel for business or pleasure, the warm and personal service is sure to make your stay a delight. Enjoy the hospitality!

  • 25,000 square meters
  • Activities on field
  • Dedicated parking
  • Heated outdoor kitchen
  • Zipline
  • Archery
  • Playground
  • Outdoor tub with warm water
  • Peace and relaxation

Wandering between old and new

Fortresses of the soul, royal houses, towering monasteries, traditions, crossed destinies and welcoming hosts. We invite you to a holiday of peace and contemplation on old lands full of meanings from Dobrita. If you run away from the crowds and you need solitude like a land out of time, choose the Culcer. Passing the threshold, you find here everything a traveler would want: lovely views, vestiges and a glimpse of silence. I challenge you to add also this place into your memories album! You will not regret coming by! From the porch, looking at the hills, you can see the clouds taking castles and dragons shape and the flight of birds is the most reassuring thing in the world. With a little imagination, you can have the impression that behind you the gate was locked, over time from which you came. If you look carefully, the nearby ancient walls seem to have scratched on petrified faces brief scenes of past lives that have animated mansion in the maze of time.


Your stay at Culcers Domain

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Domeniul Culcer

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Domeniul Culcer se poate inchiria numai in intregime!

Presentation of Gorj County

Tourism promotion program "Come to Brancusi’s home!" Conducted by Gorj County Council and Public Rescue Service of Gorj. It is based on a huge archive of footage, from which were chosen the most iconic images, depending on the themes. The film is spectacular and designed to attract more tourists in Gorj.