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Culcers Domain today

Since 1935 Culcer family reunions took place in the mansion built by my father (Dr. Max Culcer) with the help of Dobrita village people. My father took very seriously the role of doctor and head of the family.

You see, my father was not a doctor who took care of people health in a classic mode, was a doctor in every sense of the word. By his way of being, he taught us and all who were with him, that for a healthy body is needed a healthy mind and soul. My father had this habit of gathering together the whole family, friends and acquaintances, where else than in the mansion, and to organize dinners for all of us. It was such a pleasant atmosphere that most of the guests stayed overnight or several days after. Brancusi himself spent the summer with our family in Dobrita on the old Culcer Domain.

Growing up in a family full of love and harmony, with honest people, I wished to keep on this tradition and invite you to know the lands, the people, the traditions of my family and take a breath of health as I did a lifetime.

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years of history

Dr. Ana Culcers medical practice

In semnul continuitatii traditiei medicale a familiei, vei gasi aici, in incinta domeniului Culcer , cabinetul Dr.Ana Culcer. In cadrul cabinetului dispuneti de consultatii, servicii de puericultura, servicii de pediatrie si profilaxia bolilor prin vaccinare. Mai mult, alege pentru tine si pentru copii alimentatie echilibrata bazata pe produse naturale, gaseste ragaz pentru creativitate, miscare si cure in natura. Asadar, poti imbina utilul cu placutul.

Cabinetul are o parcare de 16 locuri, sala de astaptare cu baie si o camera special dedicata consultatiilor.

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